Two Brothers

The basics.

Avionics is our family tradition.

A Tale of Two Brothers

OutRight Avionics, LLC started with two brothers – one a General Manager, Vice President and an Avionics Manager who has worked for 18 years building clientele and a reputation for fine craftsmanship. The other, an Avionics Tech/Installer, who worked hard for 9 years to become one of the best Avionics Tech/Installers.  His skill to teach other Avionics Tech/Installers to treat each and every aircraft/helicopter as if it were their own.

For many years those brothers would sit around the table watching football games.  One cheering for Texas, while the other whooping for A&M.  All the while, during family and holiday events discussing forming a shop of their own.  In late 2014, they finally decided to make this dream a reality. Unfortunately, due to a tragic event, John lost his brother, as did this outstanding initial crew, many of whom Daniel worked side-by-side.  Now, John will carry out the dream of Outright Avionics, LLC in honor of his brother Daniel Bowman and his son Aiden Bowman.  And each aircraft will have Daniel’s touch as those working on it carefully, methodically inspect, service and or repair the aircraft/helicopter with an equivalent sense of craftsmanship that makes OutRight standout from other Avionics repair facilities.